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An explosion took place in Malir area of Karachi, killing two and injuring at least four, minutes after a suicide attack in a procession at Lahore that left nine mourners dead, ARY NEW reports. Reports said the blast occurred in Malir Halt area near a police mobile. A passerby was killed and five people, most of them policemen, were wounded, officials said. The injured were rushed it Jinnah Medical Hospital for treatment. It was not clear if it was a suicide attack; however, police said a bomber rammed his motorbike with police mobile when he was stopped for snap checking. The attacker and a passerby were killed. The blast came on the day the Chehlum of Hazrat Imam Hussain (RA) and other martyrs of Karbala is being observed across the county. However, the mourning processions taken out in Karachi reached their destiny without meeting any untoward incident. The central procession on Chehlum in Karachi was brought out from Nishtar Park in afternoon with Alam, Tazia and Zuljinah and culminated at Imambargah Hussainiya Iranian in Kharadar after passing through its traditional route through M.A. Jinnah Road. Earlier, in Lahore a blast ripped through a mourning procession at Bhati Gate area of the city, killing seven and injuring more than 35 people. Police said the blast was suicide one.


PML N woman Leader caught drinking

PML N or Nangi League headed by Nawaz Sharif is known as Party of Rapists, Thugs, Thieves and Cheaters, but now PML N (Nangi League) beat all the parties of Pakistan when it’s woman leader caught drinking Alcohol and torch bearers of law forced Magistrate to bail the PML N leaders on road.

This is shameless and clear violence of citizen’s human rights.Orangi town hidden tape of how pakistan rangers man-handling and abusing innocent urdu speaking people of Karachi.

Taliban Influence NWFP & FATA

Terrorists rally in Swat, march through region

By Bill Roggio April 14, 2009 2:13 PM 

The Pakistani government’s peace agreement with the Swat Taliban and the subsequent approval of the sharia regulation have bolstered Islamist terrorists in northwestern Pakistan and created a new safe haven for al Qaeda and other terrorist groups. Read the rest of this entry »